Saturday, April 25, 2009

Telling Stories Inside of A Small House within a House, In Chicago, 2009

Notes on the Project:

  1. The performance was a part of Institute.
  2. House was set up in the living space of Julia Rich, Sarah Elliot and Zayne Armstrong.
  3. Jesse came and sang with me. We shared a guitar, and the yellow House.
  4. During the course of the performance we discovered that the house was Jesse's dreamspace.
  5. David Cook, brother, was there and sang along sometimes.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just Waiting Around in the Jungle

I can imagine that Winnings Coffee Co. is actually located in South America. It's on the edge of the jungle and everyone who comes in is in the middle of a hitchiking/backpacking/or bike touring trip. Either that, or they've been attending a Bob Marley concert.

The fans are breezy, the coffee iced, the ceiling high, and the bookseller in the corner is playing his guitar to his computer because he's got his grandson on skype. He doesn't mind that the radio is playing Bollywood music. He just goes right on playing.

Everyone you meet in the coffee shop in the middle of the jungle has at least 2 really good ideas per day. Although located far from everything else it is very likely that you will meet someone here that you know. Someone I know just gave me some wildflower paper. If you plant the paper it will grow wild flowers.

That makes me glow.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Santa Fe

Today Is Santa Fe Day.

Today I Really Like Santa Fe.

For All the Little Details: The snow on the tracks, the forgotten numbers, the borrowed maps.
The last minute money machines, the many "THANK YOU SO MUCH!"'s I've given out like money, the money I've given out like "thank you"s, the three bus drivers I talked to, the one who didn't talk to me, the turquoise jewelry (can any ode to SF not include this?),
the wild goose workshop, the bike ride in the snowglobe, the room I'm in now.

The dreams I'm about to have!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Important Goals

There are some things you can do absolutely nothing about.
That is not entirely true. You can easily spend time fashioning intricate web-like structures of IDEAS that in some infinitesimally small way relate to that which you can do "nothing" about.

For the moment I would like to abolish these gaudy white castles, these symposiums of "might be's" and "only if's" and the corpulent body of Lists that compose them. And while these ghosts are momentarily abolished I invite the sour and bright company of these elements into the shivering hallways:

Sunlight, whiskey, cleaning detergent, and Cold Bright Water.

In short: A small but important goal has presented itself, and there is everything I can do about it.

To Clean The Bathroom.