Monday, April 19, 2010


I made a myspace for the songs I record on my computer! SUPER low-fi, almost finished, but not always, singing in harmony with my self -sometimes singing in disharmony with myself. Hallways, birds, and fans (the whirring kind) in the background. I'll change em' up periodically.

Check out the tracks at

(the audience at a show played by the Albuquerque Boys Choir)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hands Down!

This is spring. It was slowly rolling out the end of the tube (in bubbling -sinking tones notes stone son(n)et) into the dark blue ditch full of evening. The surface of the moon was angling sharply up at the sky. Cool wind blew night out of its corners --from around the roots of the scraggle plants

now it's wandering in and out of cherry blossoms
stinking the day with cherry blossoms

Warm rooms become hot rooms, the pulse rises, the trees breathe out thin green wire lungs in clumps, or are gripped with seeds
time is measured by naps or warm days between snowfalls,

hands down, it's spring,
hands up, it's spring!

Richard Simmons shorts make appearances every half an hour, I froze my toes snow hiking the day before Easter, and we found where they keep the heat lamps in the biology building.