Saturday, November 13, 2010

I have been eating...

...quite a lot of spinach. Right now I'm at the coffee shop called Winning eating more of the spinach and drinking my second cup of coffee in two weeks. I am sitting by the succulents and spikulents in the windowulents. It is my second favorite table, it is small and round with two small round chairs.


I am going to put up art in here in March! March.
I am going to Oregon in December. December!
It is November, November? November.

It is November

I feel no need to give anyone any advice. Sometimes someone will present a problem like "I can't eat gluten" and I will think of several things that don't have gluten in them and happily list them over several months. "eggs!... dandy blend!... this cookie!" But it's not really advice. You are not required to eat any of these things.

"You are not required to eat any of these things"

These are some things I overheard: "the Haitian sensation!" "the Rio Grande clams!" These are some things from a really lovely evening: shocking windows, a few goosebumps, arnica, sequins under swaying lights, flows following folds flocking, and warmth finally. And falling asleep.

the Haitian Sensation.